PIQUADRO Black Square - PU1392B3SRBLU3



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პროდუქტის ონლაინ განვადებით შესაძენად, შედით თქვენს "კალათში", დააჭირეთ შეკვეთის გაფორმებას და აირჩიეთ - "განვადებით ყიდვა"

Purse Piquadro PU1392B3SR_BLU3 blue color is an exclusive solution for impeccable use. Horizontal orientation. Folding closure type. Thanks to the absence of buttons and zippers, it will provide easy access to all content. Functionality: office for banknotes, many pockets for plastic cards, folding compartment for ID card. Built-in RFID protection, which ensures the safety of money on cards from their illegal debiting without your knowledge. This feature blocks radio frequency waves, which prevents the modern form of fraud. Material – genuine leather. The leather is resistant to wear, thanks to specialized processing in the company’s workshop. Holds its shape well, without deformation. Has presentable visual properties. Piquadro embossed front. It is decorated with a textile strip, which is a memorable feature of the B3S series. Piquadro Black Square PU1392B3SRBLU3 leather purse will perfectly cope with all your tasks, provide security and become an important part of your every day.







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