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პროდუქტის ონლაინ განვადებით შესაძენად, შედით თქვენს "კალათში", დააჭირეთ შეკვეთის გაფორმებას და აირჩიეთ - "განვადებით ყიდვა"







The Italian fashion house of leather goods Piquadro is recognizable by its signature blue piping around the perimeter of the product. The Piquadro Blue Square CA3111B2/N men’s briefcase model is made of classic black genuine leather. The edges and cuts of the product, the fittings and the inside of the petal valve are decorated in blue. On the soft texture, the blue edging and the brand logo on the front stand out effectively. Another advantage of these accessories is the amazing ergonomics. The Piquadro Blue Square CA3111B2N portfolio combines compactness and practicality. The spacious main compartment has a built-in pen organizer, phone and notepad pockets, tablet and laptop compartments with a secure holder, and small pockets. There is a large external zip pocket. The briefcase-holder will delight you with the possibility of expanding the volume due to the zipper around the perimeter and the presence of a smart pocket for attaching the product to the suitcase handle. For ease of movement, the set includes a shoulder strap and a loop for a luggage bag.

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