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Backpack Piquadro Muse / Black2 CA4327MU_N2 is an excellent combination of exclusive style and the most practical format. Modern, detailed design. The backpack is quite elegant, it emphasizes the femininity of its owner. Universal black. Detailing steel color fittings. Material – genuine leather. It is carefully crafted and impregnated. Provides maximum wear resistance and durability. Will make many years of reliable and confident service. The front of the backpack is decorated with the brand name of the manufacturer. Two departments. Shockproof compartment for iPad Air/Pro, multiple pockets of various sizes, mobile phone pocket, stationery holder and magnetic headphone loop. The ability to conveniently charge devices through a power bank, thanks to a special recess. Two elegant shoulder straps with adjustable length. Loop handle. On the back there is a fastening strip for the telescopic handle of a travel suitcase. Genuine leather treated without harmful chemicals. It will provide many years of confident and reliable operation. Keeps its original shape, is not subjected to deformations, all sorts of stretching. The color depth is maintained throughout the entire time of use. Piquadro Women’s Backpack Muse CA4327MUN2 shows us all the advantages of design craftsmanship and high-quality implementation.

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