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პროდუქტის ონლაინ განვადებით შესაძენად, შედით თქვენს "კალათში", დააჭირეთ შეკვეთის გაფორმებას და აირჩიეთ - "განვადებით ყიდვა"






The Piquadro Muse PC4331MU_R key holder is what you always need. A universal option that allows you not to forget or lose your keys. Quickly find them in your purse and do not damage the carving of keys, nearby things. Intense red color that will become an active solution for your accessory range. The product is oriented vertically. Inner space with divider. Key ring with drawstring. Made in Italy. This model is presented in black, which will never lose its relevance. Coarse-grained surface texture that looks presentable. Complementary silver hardware. Genuine leather of the best quality. Raw materials are processed and impregnated with special means, which contributed to wear resistance. Rest assured that the clavicle will make a long service life. On the front side there is a branded plate. The compartment closes with a zipper. Buy the housekeeper Piquadro Muse PC4331MUR she will adequately cope with her function and demonstrate Italian leather goods only from the best side.

  1. Yulia

    ულამაზესი და ძალიან კარგი ხარისხის საფულე,მიუხედავად იმისა რო არის სულ ხმარებაში და ძალიან კარგად გამოიყურება 🥰

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