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Stylish, durable and reliable suitcase Piquadro Seeker/Blue Small BV4425SK/BLU. Modern design and features. Tracker Connequ immediately included. Practical properties, high Italian quality. Blue color, matte surface texture. Exterior with ribbed detailing and Piquadro branding Durable polycarbonate body. It is shock-resistant, does not undergo deformation, which is especially important with frequent bumps and falls. It performs well in countries with different climatic and weather conditions. Two-chamber interior space. They are equipped with all the necessary functionality. Packing straps, dividers on both sides. The closure is made with a standard zipper. It is supplemented with a rubber edging that repels moisture and prevents it from entering the contents of the chambers. Blocking with TSA code. Elastic carrying handles (horizontal and vertical). Massive telescopic handle. Four double wheels. Obedience, smoothness and maneuverability of movements. Such compact parameters are great for hand luggage on airplanes, business trips and short trips. Suitcase on 4 wheels Piquadro Seeker BV4425SKBLU is a confidence for the safety of your belongings on all trips and flights.

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