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The Titan Looping 84840619 suitcase is perfect to accompany nomads during their getaways or their long weekends. Robust and light, thanks to its neat polypropylene design, it also has a small size allowing it to be taken anywhere (including in the cabin with very strict airlines such as EasyJet or Ryanair). It is also distinguished by its modern and graphic design due to the original circular imprints molded on the surface of its shell. Inside the Titan Looping suitcase there are 2 lined compartments for storing toiletries and a spare pair of shoes. For accessories and small personal effects, it has 3 internal zipped pockets. Equipped with 2 zippered fabric divider trays, 2 elastic butterfly straps and 2 adjustable retaining straps, it is possible to keep all its contents securely in place during transport (even in the event of shocks or bumps). The soft and comfortable glide of the Titan Looping cabin suitcase is ensured by its 4 double multidirectional wheels. Its trolley with adjustable position allows it to be directed effortlessly. On the top, its soft handle makes it easy to lift by hand when necessary. Its waterproof zip closure and its TSA lock with customizable encrypted combination ensure optimal security of its contents against any criminal acts that may occur during the trip.

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