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The Titan 84940625 Xenon 2.0 suitcase is ideal for short-term travel, less than a week. Small format, clever layout, comfortable rolling system and optimal security are all assets that make it an ally of choice during your getaways. It is also worth noting that its size is compatible with many cabin standards – including the strictest. It also benefits from a robust polycarbonate design and a grained finish giving it excellent resistance to shocks and abrasions. The 4 double wheels that can rotate 360° and the double rod trolley with adjustable position of the Titan Xenon 2.0 carry-on suitcase make it easy to tow. On the top, a soft handle allows you to grab it by hand if you wish. Convenient when you are loaded, its elasticated loop allows you to attach it to the trolley of another wheeled luggage. To secure its contents, nothing could be simpler since it is equipped with a waterproof zipper and a TSA code lock ergonomically placed on the top of its shell. The 2 lined compartments of the Titan Xenon 2.0 4-wheeled suitcase allow you to store, on one side, sweaters and trousers and, on the other, shirts and small linen, for example. For toiletries, it is possible to use its zippered pocket with waterproof anti-leak lining. Its 3 other zipped pockets are suitable for accessories and small personal effects. On the front, a USB port allows you to quickly recharge your phone or tablet by having previously placed a power bank inside. Finally, its 2 zipped fabric divider trays and its 4 elastic butterfly straps make it possible to effectively keep its contents in place throughout the duration of the trip.

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