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Wallet Victorinox Altius 3.0 Innsbruck 30164401 is lightweight and has a compact horizontal shape and classic black colour. Such an accessory can easily fit into a small clothing pocket or a small handbag. Victorinox Altius is made of high quality natural leather with an aesthetically textured surface. The presented model of the purse from the legendary Swiss brand Victorinox, is distinguished by a carefully thought-out design with a perfectly formed interior space. The functionality and ease of use of Victorinox Altius 3.0 Innsbruck 30164401 provides a two-sided layout, each side of which has its own practical properties. The left side of the layout is equipped with six pockets for plastic cards, and on the right side there are two capacious autonomous compartments for small change, tokens, etc. at once. The “highlight” of one of these compartments is that it is fastened with a special leather lining on a metal button, which is complemented on the outside by a mesh compartment for placing a photo of a dear person or careful storage of any other printing products. The universal style of Victorinox Altius allows it to be used as a stylish men’s or women’s accessory.

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