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Wallet Victorinox Travel Altius Edge 601998 is a comfortable and elegant accessory designed for everyday use. The presented product is made in a rectangular horizontal shape, due to which it fits easily in a breast or trouser pocket. The Victorinox purse is made of high-quality genuine leather, which undergoes additional protective treatment with special substances before sewing. The protective coating allows you to multiply the resistance of the skin to tears, deformations, mechanical damage and other negative factors. In addition to useful performance properties, a special coating gives the surface a light, elegant glossy sheen, which makes the wallet look even more attractive and presentable. The design of the purse is made in the format of a book, where on one side of the spread there are capacious sections for placing credit, discount and business cards. On the other side of the reversal of the purse, you can see a pocket on the button, where the change is folded. There is also an insert made of shielded material, which is necessary to provide such a function as RFID protection. RFID protection allows you to avoid such types of fraud as scanning personal data from credit cards and IDs from a distance. When trying to read such a shielded insert blocks the passage of waves and the personal data of the owner of the purse remain intact. Highly professional tailoring of the Victorinox Travel Altius Edge accessory, with perfectly stitched seams, high-quality genuine leather and practical fittings, become the key to comfortable and durable use. The designers of the famous Swiss brand Victorinox address the presented purse model to men and women of different ages and different occupations who do not want to compromise between practicality and elegant style of accessories.

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