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პროდუქტის ონლაინ განვადებით შესაძენად, შედით თქვენს "კალათში", დააჭირეთ შეკვეთის გაფორმებას და აირჩიეთ - "განვადებით ყიდვა"







Credit card holder Victorinox Altius 3.0 Sapporo / Black 30165401 has a compact horizontal shape and has a minimum weight of only 190 grams. The presented model of the purse has a single-layer design, where there are three pockets for plastic cards and business cards, as well as one roomy compartment for storing paper money, checks, etc. The Victorinox Altius has a versatile, classic design that is sure to appeal to both genders. For the manufacture of such an accessory, high quality genuine leather with a light glossy finish was used. A special protective surface not only gives such a product presentability and a certain gloss, but also prevents the negative impact of external factors, including moisture, aggressive UV radiation, mechanical abrasion, scratches and many other deformations. Wallet Victorinox Altius does not need special care. In order to keep the presented product in a neat and clean condition throughout the entire period of operation, it is enough to carry out its periodic cleaning with ordinary, improvised means.

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