VICTORINOX Altmont Active Lightweight Rolltop Backpack - 606902



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Trekking backpack, expandable 606902, adapted to maintain a 25-32 liter hydration system by Victorinox from the Altmont Active Lightweight collection. Made of durable and resistant to external conditions material – nylon. Perfect for traveling, hiking or on a tourist trail. Extremely light and durable material at the same time, perfect for everyday trips to the city and for outdoor adventures. Possibility to increase the capacity of the backpack by 7 liters after opening the special zipper. Adjustable chest strap with magnetic closure for even weight distribution. The main compartment is closed with a double zipper with practical loops that can be opened even when wearing gloves. An easy-access pocket for small items on the front, a mesh pocket inside for a water bottle, umbrella, etc. A mesh pocket closed with a zipper and an additional large compartment, the possibility of attaching the hiking poles to the outside with a flexible loop system, loops and a system of lines to protect the equipment outside the backpack, e.g. helmets, shoes, climbing equipment and other sports and tourist accessories. Practical handle at the top of the backpack. Reflective elements that increase visibility at night, to improve safety, pressure-molded back panel of the backpack for air flow. On the inside, mesh straps supporting air flow to ensure maximum comfort during long-term wear, has a pocket with a waterproof zipper for convenient refilling of liquids at any time – the ability to attach a water bag.

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