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Laptop Backpack Victorinox Travel Altmont Classic 602641 is a roomy and stylish luggage accessory designed for travelers and active people. The visually presented model attracts attention with its noble graphite shade and laconic case design. The Victorinox Travel Altmont is equipped with several spacious compartments where you can neatly fold all the things you need during the day or while traveling. The total volume of such a backpack is 21 liters. There is a compact section for a laptop, as well as convenient pockets for a smartphone, wallet and ID cards. A separate place is reserved for storing the Victorinox folding pocket knife, the production of which began the rich history of the legendary Swiss brand. Everything that you may urgently need while traveling – travel documents, bank cards and small personal accessories – can be folded into external zippered pockets, which can be seen in the side parts of the case. In order not to burden the owner of the backpack with the weight of luggage, the back of the Victorinox Travel Altmont Classic was made in the format of an orthopedic panel stitched with a thick layer of filler. Such a filler minimizes the load on the spine, thereby making the feeling of carrying a packed backpack to the top less uncomfortable. The fibers used to fill the orthopedic back panel are breathable, therefore, the operation of Victorinox Travel Altmont in the hot season is not fraught with the appearance of a “greenhouse effect”. Comfortable use of the Victorinox Travel Altmont is carried out by means of two ergonomically shaped shoulder straps. As in the orthopedic back panel, these straps have a soft layer inside. The manual carrying of the backpack takes place with the help of a durable textile loop, which can be seen in the upper part of the case. The Victorinox Travel Altmont Classic case is made of durable polyester and complemented by a reinforced bottom. Dense polyester is improved by processing with special protective impregnations, which give it such useful qualities as resistance to tearing, moisture penetration, fading in the sun, overheating under high temperatures and many other deformations. Such a backpack does not require special personal care – any dirt is removed from its surface with a damp cloth or the usual detergent.

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