VICTORINOX Altmont Original Standard Backpack - 606738



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The new Almont Original / Red 606738 backpack offers a trendy modern design and unchanging functionality. The perfect everyday companion from Victorinox Travel. Pleases with ideal spaciousness for various city activities. Fashionable design in company red color with graphic pattern and brand logo badge on the front panel. All things are perfectly organized and easily accessible. Main advantages: capacious urban model with a volume of 25 liters, polyester material with water-repellent properties, ergonomic shoulder straps of adjustable length, orthopedic back with excellent air exchange. Multipurpose interior with zippered mesh pocket, key clip, pencil or pen holder and ID tag. Model with reinforced shoulder straps. The back has an improved air circulation system thanks to the embossed back. Shoulder straps and a padded back provide comfort while wearing and minimize fatigue, evenly distributing the weight of the contents of the backpack. Backpack Altmont Original 606738 was born for your maximum convenience on trips, city activities and even going to the gym. Large zippered compartments with two sliders add convenience to use, providing the ability to use from the left and right shoulder. The roomy interior contains an organized system of compartments and pockets for perfect organization and quick access to all your essentials.

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