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Shoulder bag-tablet Victorinox Travel Architecture Urban 602838 with compartment for iPad or tablet. The discreet design is perfect for both the business person and the student. Practicality is realized by a slim construction design with an optimal capacity for the needs of the city dweller. And the thoughtful organization of internal and peripheral pockets will help to conveniently place everything from a portable electronic device to a wallet and glasses. The main advantages of Architecture Urban Wilson/Black 602838: compact urban design, polyester durable textile body, 5 liters volume, adjustable shoulder strap with padding, black melange color. When sewing Architecture Urban 602838, high-quality textile material – polyester was used. Nice melange color. Reliable fittings in the form of lightning perfectly cope with operational challenges. Signature badge with brand logo on the front panel and branded zip pullers. Compartments and pockets for Wilson bag: zipped main compartment, front compartment for a 10′ tablet (25 cm), zipped front pockets for essentials and small items.

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