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Wallet Victorinox Travel accessories 4.0 31172601 is a compact and practical product made in a universal design. The presented purse is created in a rectangular, horizontal shape, which makes the operation of this accessory very comfortable – it can be worn both in a trouser or breast pocket, and in a small handbag. Inside, the accessory is organized in such a way as to accommodate all the accessories necessary in the daily life of a modern person, including bank and business cards, banknotes, identity cards and small change. To accurately place all of the above, the purse, the design of which is presented in the format of a folding book, is equipped with special pockets. Also on one side of the purse there is a transparent window, which has become a traditional element of organizing the internal space of such accessories. According to an established tradition, this window serves to place inside it a photograph of the owner or his relatives and friends. Often a business card is placed in such a window, which should help find the owner of the purse, in case it is lost. Wallet Victorinox Travel. Travel Accessories is equipped with a durable zipper designed for long-term use. The body of the product is made of durable nylon, with a dense type of weaving of fibers, which gives texture to the fabric surface. The accessory is decorated in a classic black color, against which a stainless steel nameplate proudly stands out, engraved with the symbols of the famous Swiss brand Victorinox. This accessory will be a harmonious addition to a sporty, casual or business style, both for men and women. This is a convenient and practical attribute that will serve its owner for many years, retaining its original functionality and external presentability.

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