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Victorinox Travel Connex SS / Black 605656 Super Large 4 Wheel Case with TSA Combination Lock from the Connex Collection. Large Softside is the largest size, softside luggage presented in this series from the Swiss company Victorinox. Expandable useful volume (102-113 liters) and size 51x72x32-36 cm. The capacity can be increased up to 4 cm with a zipper. Perfect ergonomics, unisex style, classic black finish, high-quality materials, this travel accessory is chosen by experienced travelers. Built-in Travel Sentry Approved (TSA) combination lock with customs clearance function. Allows security personnel to open your luggage without breaking the lock and avoids re-closing after checking. The suitcase is covered by the Access ™ code combination recovery program – after registration on the website The Victorinox Travel 605656 is made from high grade waterproof ballistic nylon. Rigid frame to protect the luggage being transported. Back and corner protective pads will extend the life and prevent possible damage. The interior is divided into two roomy compartments in a 90/10 ratio: Main large compartment with X-shaped compression straps with fastex closure for flat packing. The partition is completed with two zippered pockets. On the side inner panel there is a special pocket for Victorinox SAK and a mesh pocket with a zipper. The zippered flat front section is lined with two wide-access pockets, perfect for portable gadgets, among other things. The creators of the iconic Swiss Army Knife Swiss Army Knives are guided by a philosophy of practicality in every detail. Therefore, Victorinox Travel Connex SS / Black Vt605656 contains a built-in multifunctional panel on the back side: a retractable ID-panel with a ballpoint pen and a tool for removing a SIM card from a smartphone. External two-way zippers Raquet Coil from the Japanese company YKK are designed specifically for bags and suitcases. They are resistant to abrasion, have high performance and have increased resistance to cracking. The roller system is represented by 4 dual wheels with a diameter of 60 mm from the Japanese TM Hinomoto. Silent movement is provided by unique Lisof tires. 360 degree roller rotation function and great maneuverability. All this guarantees high reliability, durability and stability of the structure. The vertical orientation of the suitcase has an ergonomic push-button telescoping handle and two short handles (top and side) for easy carrying by hand.

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