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Suitcase on 4 wheels Victorinox Travel Connex HS / Red 605660 is a bright representative of the Connex Hardside hard luggage collection. It is super lightweight and compact in size. Optimal for size S, the volume of 34 liters will fit all your things, and the dimensions 40x55x20-24 cm allow you to take luggage into the cabin as hand luggage. Global Connex Hardside – streamlined, stylish and durable design. For manufacturing, experts have chosen high-quality polycarbonate, which provides extraordinary lightness of construction and resistance to shock and damage. A beautiful textured surface performs, in addition to an aesthetic function, also a practical one: it will prevent the appearance of scratches, prints and other unpleasant surprises. Expandable up to 4 cm, the design allows you to get additional space for your things and make the suitcase body more versatile. The insert-expander is made of durable ballistic nylon. The TSA code lock, which supports the customs inspection function, will help you avoid the re-lock procedure. Things will remain intact and safe after inspection. The Access ™ lock combination recovery tool will help you recover the cipher after registering with Laconic architecture of Victorinox Connex HS / Red 605660 with one capacious section. Competent internal organization is supported by a deep chamber with elastic X-shaped straps with a latch, a space divider fixed with a zipper, two pockets with a zipper on the divider, a side pocket with a zipper, a pocket for a Swiss Army Knives folding knife. For all models of the Connex series, Victorinox craftsmen used reliable materials and components. Japanese quality accessories from YKK in the form of a Racquet Coil™ zipper. Differs in high resistance to breaking – will protect even from opening by the handle or a screw-driver. Equipped with a convenient design with two sliders for easy and quick access to any place in the suitcase. The wheel system features 4 large diameter double casters 60mm with full 360 degree rotation and Lisof tires for a super quiet ride. For all models of the Connex series, Victorinox professionals use a roller system from the Japanese brand Hinomoto. Provides high strength, great maneuverability and prolongs the life of the product. Multifunctionality, inspired by the Swiss Army Knives, is embodied in a panel integrated into the back of the suitcase: a USB charging port (the place for a powerbank is inside the suitcase), an identification panel with a ballpoint pen, a tool for replacing the SIM card in a smartphone. The telescopic handle made of aluminum is also responsible for the ergonomics of movement of the Global Connex Hardside, it is fixed in several positions using a push-button mechanism. The reliable short handle at the top of the case will help with manual transportation.

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