VICTORINOX Connex Medium Hardside Case - 605668



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Suitcase Victorinox Travel Connex HS / Red 605668 is a medium versatile option for traveling in comfort. The Medium Hardside from the Connex collection combines a super strong hard case with a roomy design to make the most of every inch of packing space. Key Benefits: lightweight and impact resistant body Markolon® Bayer polycarbonate expandable to 4 cm, volume scalable from 71 to 83 liters, dimensions 47x69x29-33 cm, built-in Travel Sentry Approved (TSA) combination lock, recovery software code lock Access™, retractable dashboard: ID-tag, ball pen, sim-card replacement tool, Hinomoto 4-wheel dual system with silent Lisof tires, Japanese hardware Raquet Coil™ YKK zipper. Polycarbonate Markolon® Bayer is a modern polymer plastic created using German technology. It has the basic characteristics of polycarbonate, is characterized by increased resistance to high and low temperatures. Plastic and resistant to shock loads during falls. Additional space is freed up with a waterproof ballistic nylon insert. The 60 mm Hinomoto wheels are dual-configured for optimum agility and stability. Equipped with quiet Lisof tires. The light telescopic handle is made of aluminum and is fixed at 3 levels. Connex medium hardside case internal organization: main garment section with compression X-strap to secure luggage, zipped divider with two large zipped pockets, zipped mesh pocket for small items, dedicated SAK pocket knife pocket. Support for the Access ™ program is activated after registration on the official website of the trademark Production of the Victorinox company (Switzerland) is a modern design and the highest quality.

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