VICTORINOX Connex Medium Hardside Case - 609816



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Medium expandable suitcase Connex HS / Deep Lake 609816 from Swiss luggage brand Victorinox Travel. Spacious travel accessory, ideal for comfortable trips and travel with all the necessary things. Good for a week long vacation. Advantages and functional details of Connex HS/Deep Lake 609816: Markolon® Bayer polycarbonate body material, waterproof nylon insert for expansion up to 4 cm, volume varies from 71 to 83 l, dimensions 69x47x29-33 cm, travel Sentry Approved (TSA) combination lock, built-in multi-panel: ID-tag, ball pen, sim replacement tool, hinomoto 4-wheel dual system with silent Lisof tires, hardy Japanese zipper Raquet Coil™ YKK zipper. Additional storage space is freed up with a moisture-resistant insert made of ballistic nylon, which is resistant to wear and tear. The German Markolon® Bayer polycarbonate body is a flexible and impact- and deformation-resistant polymer that withstands high operational challenges. The textured surface prevents scratches and keeps the aesthetic appearance longer.

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