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Belt bag Victorinox Travel Lifestyle accessory / Black 607120 is a stylish urban accessory for every day. The original model offers comfort and thoughtful design for street style. Key benefits of Lifestyle accessory 607120: new trendy design in universal black color, sewing material: polyester, breathable mesh fabric on the back provides optimal comfort, adjustable waist belt, official quality guarantee from the manufacturer. When sewing a belt bag from Victorinox Travel, polyester textiles, durable to wear and fading, with high-quality lining were used. Thanks to the magnetic closure of the flip part, the bag gets an additional expanding space for the necessary things, and the mesh back with a zippered pocket hidden from prying eyes will take care of the safety of, for example, documents or money. Organization of compartments and pockets, zipped main compartment with additional magnetic closure, divider pocket, key holder, zipped pocket on the back panel.

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