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Victorinox 607124 multifunctional shoulder bag, waist bag, belt bag, 4 liter crossbody by Victorinox from the Lifestyle Accessory collection. It is made of high-quality polyester with a dense weave, which ensures its high durability. Perfect for everyday use. Main compartment closed with a durable double zipper, an easy-access zippered pocket on the front where you can store documents, phone, keys, etc. Pocket for a Swiss Army Knife, 2 mesh pockets, a detachable key carabiner. A dedicated pocket for the phone. Quick-fastening system for easy shoulder strap adjustment. The back of the bag is made of a moisture-wicking mesh, which increases the comfort of use. Long, adjustable belt with a buckle. Hidden zippered pocket on the back for storing valuables, a unique system allows you to wear it in 3 ways – on the shoulder, on the back and on the belt. Made of durable polyester material with a dense weave.

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