VICTORINOX Spectra 2.0 Dual-Access Global Carry-On - 31318003



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Business case on 4 wheels Victorinox Travel Spectra 2.0 model 31318003 is a spectacular luggage accessory for short trips. Victorinox Travel Spectra is made in a stylish modern design, relevant for both sexes. The frame of the product has a rectangular, vertical shape. The functionality and ease of use of this model is provided by a durable wheel system, consisting of four pairs of silicone wheels that are resistant to wear and mechanical deformation. The comfortable movement of the four-wheel case depends largely on the retractable handle, the height of which is quickly and easily adjusted at the touch of a button. Victorinox Travel Spectra is made of impact-resistant, water-resistant polycarbonate, which, thanks to a special protective coating, almost completely eliminates the appearance of all kinds of scratches and heavy dirt. When opened, Victorinox Travel Spectra 2.0 31318003 strikes a surprisingly well-thought-out interior space. For the careful transportation of electronic devices – a laptop and a tablet, there are special compartments equipped with a thick layer of soft, protective layer that levels pressure, shock and other mechanical impact from the outside. For personal accessories and other small items, inside the Victorinox business case there are a number of compact pockets with secure latches. A capacious zippered pocket located on the inside of the front panel of the frame is designed for neat storage of important documents. An important feature of Victorinox Travel Spectra 2.0 31318003 is the presence of a TSA code lock, which is built into the case body.

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