VICTORINOX Spectra 2.0 Expandable Medium Case - 601290



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Scratch-resistant matte surface, 4 double wheels make it possible to pull the suitcase while driving vertically without feeling its weight. The wheels allow full maneuverability in narrow passages, the wheels mounted under the suitcase provide a stable base. Wheels can be easily replaced in case of damage. High-quality YKK Raquet Coil zipper ensures a perfect fit. The fasteners have wheels that allow the bag to be closed with the Travel Sentry Approved (TSA) padlocks. A code consisting of a combination of three digits protects the content. TSA combination lock allows the US Customs Service to open baggage without breaking the lock and to lock it after inspection. The side handle is made of soft material to improve the comfort and certainty of the grip, it extends when it is pulled and retracts when not in use, metal corner protection covers. Removable ID badge for security and convenience. The suitcase covered by the Swiss Tracker ™ Bag tracking program – after registering the bag on the website, if it is lost and found anywhere in the world, it will be delivered to the owner free of charge, the suitcase is covered by the Access ™ code recovery program – after registration on the website.

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