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Fashionable Swiss suitcase on 4 wheels Spectra 2.0 / Red 601351 from Victorinox Travel. Medium size with extension function. Maximize your luggage’s packing potential with the Spectra Medium Expandable, which is flexible enough to increase capacity by as much as 47%. External compression straps allow you to adjust the size to suit your needs. With so much room, the Spectra Medium Expandable is the only piece of luggage you’ll ever need, even on a long trip.100% pure polycarbonate body material, external compression straps and Hypalon inserts to adjust body size, medium size 69 x 45 x 30-41 cm, volume from 62 to 91 l, high quality zippers, TSA code lock, high quality 4-wheel system with double rollers. Spectra 2.0 is a series of hard luggage with a body made of super durable material – polycarbonate. It makes travel luggage incredibly resistant to impacts, abrasions, various temperatures, and at the same time it remains as light as possible. At the corners it is supplemented with protective bumpers. Zipped front door with stabilizing straps for easy top packing. The expansion inserts are made from an incredibly durable, waterproof textile material that is resistant to wear and tear. Durable and break-resistant zip fasteners. Integrated into the side panel of the case, a combination lock with TSA function will facilitate border control checks. Stability and maneuverability thanks to durable wheels. You can be sure that the suitcase will withstand any off-road conditions. The aluminum telescopic handle has a push-button mechanism with a three-stage fixation. Interior organization: deep section with zippered packing straps, zipped dividers in both sections, zipped pocket for small items, separate pocket for a Swiss pocket knife.

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