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Suitcase on 4 wheels Victorinox Travel Spectra 2.0 31318501 is a great idea for practical people who often travel long distances. The design and decoration of Victorinox Travel Spectra are made in a laconic modern style, which is equally relevant for both the fair sex and men. The Victorinox Travel Spectra four-wheel suitcase is very spacious and allows you to take with you all the necessary things, personal accessories and digital devices on the road. In order not to experience discomfort while traveling with a heavy suitcase filled to the brim, its design provides for a convenient four-wheel system, as well as a functional retractable handle, the length of which can be easily adjusted by pressing a special button. The frame of the Victorinox Travel Spectra 2.0 31318501 has a vertical, rectangular shape, with an embossed finish on the front panel. The interior space is represented by a large roomy compartment for things that can be conveniently fixed using elastic straps with strong clips. On the inside of the front panel is a large zippered pocket, where you can neatly place a folder with business papers. The practicality, wear resistance and durability of the presented suitcase largely depends on the frame material – high-quality polycarbonate, which is resistant to active ultraviolet radiation and mechanical deformations. Unauthorized opening of the suitcase during the trip is excluded by the presence of a built-in TSA combination lock.

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