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Backpack Victorinox Travel VX sport Cadet 31105003 is a red colour compact and stylish accessory with a universal scope. This backpack is relevant for use in everyday life and out-of-town travel. The model differs in magnificent functionality and carefully thought over design. The total capacity is 20 liters. The interior space is represented by two autonomous compartments, where a laptop, tablet and other personal items can freely fit. Also inside you can see convenient sections for neat storage of small accessories and documents. No less functional is the outer part of the body with side pockets, which are placed in thermal cups or other containers for drinking. Very functional straps attached to the sides of the backpack, equipped with reliable length locks. Thanks to such constituent elements, it becomes possible to significantly increase the volume of the backpack when the need arises. Comfort during the operation of Victorinox Travel VX sport Cadet 31105003 is provided by ergonomic wide shoulder straps with soft filling, as well as a special design of the back panel, which has orthopedic properties. To achieve the correct anatomical shape of the part of the backpack adjacent to the back, special linings filled with moderately hard material were used, which minimize the pressure of luggage on the back, and also prevent tension and fatigue in the back. The surface of the orthopedic pads is made of breathable material, which ensures optimal air exchange between the skin of the back and the environment. For the manufacture of the Victorinox Sport Cadet backpack, high-quality, environmentally friendly materials that are safe for human health and the environment were used.

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