WENGER Pegasus - 600639



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პროდუქტის ონლაინ განვადებით შესაძენად, შედით თქვენს "კალათში", დააჭირეთ შეკვეთის გაფორმებას და აირჩიეთ - "განვადებით ყიდვა"

Laptop Backpack 17″ (25L) WENGER Pegasus 600639 with padded compartment with triple protection fits most laptops up to 17″ pockets for writing utensils, documents and memory cards, fleece pocket for a mobile phone.The back of the backpack with an air circulation system has a special textured surface, provides a comfortable fit to the back and ventilation.A special CaseBase platform helps to fix the backpack in an upright position.Sturdy handle with metal cable at the base.A pocket in the front of the backpack is suitable for storing essentials, accessories and a phone.Ergonomically shaped, adjustable, anatomically shaped shoulder straps, equipped with a breathable padded lining, provide maximum comfort when carrying a backpack.Shock-absorbing inserts on the shoulder Shock-Absorbing straps ease the burden on the shoulders and back. Stretch mesh pockets are suitable for storing water bottles and an umbrella. Corrosion resistant zinc plated black nickel plated locks.








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